Connect With Foursquare Users

To provide your users with a richer experience, connect with their accounts on Foursquare. Your app will be able to do things such as access users’ check-in history, create new check-ins, and return personalized search results. If you are building an app for merchants to interact with their venues on Foursquare, you must go through this process.

What You Need To Do

Before interacting with Foursquare users, they need to authorize your application to access their sensitive data. The result of the authorization process is an access token, with which you will use to access a particular user’s data. You will need one access token for each user, so each user will need to go through the authorization process.

On iOS or Android

If you are building a native app on one of these platforms, use our native authentication libraries for iOS or Android to facilitate the process of obtaining an access token.

On Other Platforms

If building on web or other mobile platforms, take a look at our detailed documentation and implement the Code or Token Flow. Many client libraries also come with an implementation of authentication.

Once you’ve obtained an access token, you can use it to call Foursquare’s API endpoints with your client library or you can directly make HTTP requests to Foursquare and get back a JSON response.

In an HTTP request, you need to pass in the user's OAuth (access) token, a version parameter, and any other parameters that the endpoint requires:

Things You Should Know

Common Endpoints