With a community of over 50,000 developers, there have been so many amazing apps created using the Foursquare API. While we'd love to list them all, there just isn't enough room on this little page. You can visit Foursquare's showcase on ChallengePost to get a sense of some creative uses of Foursquare at hackathons and also see below some of our banner integrations and a brief overview of what parts of the API they used.

  • Instagram

    Giving your beautiful photos more context with location

    After taking a photograph, Instagram users can tag it with a location. Calling venues/search, Instagram shows a list of the nearest Foursquare venues and will associate the selected venue with the photo. Instagram also allows users to connect their Foursquare accounts with its service and gives them the option to check-in with a photo or add photos to user’s latest check-in with photos/add.

    Each location also has its own venue page that shows the most recent photos taken at that place. To let its users learn more about these venues, Instagram provides a native link to the Foursquare app or falls back to using a WebView if Foursquare isn’t installed.

  • Uber

    Getting from A to B is faster if you can say exactly where A and B are

    People hailing an Uber can let their drivers know where they’d like to be picked up and dropped off down to the venue—often a much more helpful signal to a driver than seeing just a raw lat/lon pair. This is useful to users that want to get a fare quote but don’t know the exact address of their drop-off location. They can just type in the venue name and Uber passes this in as a query parameter to venues/search. Foursquare takes care of the rest.

  • Pinterest

    Building that dream itinerary, one Foursquare location at a time

    Pinterest lets users put their pins on beautiful maps with POIs powered by Foursquare venues. When creating a new board or editing existing ones, each pin can be placed on a map at a location—powered by our Venues Platform & database.

  • Citymapper

    Helping people get there at lightning speed

    Citymapper is the “ultimate transport app” for New Yorkers and Londoners, integrating city-specific services such as MTA buses and Barclays Cycle Hire stations. Because Citymapper’s users are mostly mobile and on-the-go, speed is critical. They take advantage of our venues/suggestcomplete “autocomplete” API to power their search box—this endpoint was designed to be speedy. Typing s, t, a, r, then b quickly gets you a list of all Starbucks in NYC. Citymapper also caches venue information locally so they can show recent searches done by the user and save a list of favorites.

  • Timehop

    Remembering your adventures from yesteryear

    Timehop (which actually got its start as a Foursquare hackathon project!) sends you a daily email of what you did on that day 1, 2, 3, ..., n years ago. Using the users/checkins endpoint, they get the check-in history of their users and are able to let them remember their going ons about town from years past.

  • Untappd

    Checking in is more fun with a few beers

    Untappd is the app for “drinking socially,” where users log beers they drink and share with their friends. Users can authenticate their Foursquare accounts so they can check-in via Untappd as well.

    Say you already checked in to a bar and want to keep a log of what you drink there? Untappd uses checkins/addpost to create posts on behalf of a Foursquare user on a previous check-in they’ve made.

  • WhatsApp

    Answering “where are you?” for millions of conversations

    WhatsApp users can share their raw location with each other in a conversation, but it’s often more meaningful to share an actual place with a name attached to it. WhatsApp uses venues/search to get a list of venues around a user so that they can share where they are with their friends.