Libraries and Tools


Members of the Foursquare API community have been nice enough to release libraries for integrating with the foursquare API from various programming languages and platforms. Here are the ones we know about. Please e-mail with any libraries you'd like to add.

Ruby foursquare2
fourmer (Merchant API wrapper)
PHP foursquare-php
Python foursquare (recommended)
Objective-C Foursquare2
Swift das-quadrat
Java foursquare-api-java (deprecated, really old)
foursquare-api-java (new home for project)
easyFoursquare4Android (Android)
Node.js foursquarevenues
JavaScript Marelle (jQuery)
Foursquare on Webshell
Grails Foursquare Authenticate Plugin
Go foursquarego
ActionScript AS3 library for foursquare
.Net SharpSquare
BlackBerry foursquare-bb10-sdk
Perl WWW::Foursquare
ColdFusion foursquareCFC
Scala scala-foursquare-api


In addition to the native Foursquare libraries above, these are some tools that you can use to make developing with the Foursquare API easier.

  • Our native Place Picker SDK for Android is available for testing! Please send us an email to if you're interested.
  • Our native authentication libraries for iOS and Android make it easier for you to authenticate your users and provides them with the most seamless authentication experience possible. More details.
  • Temboo’s cross-platform SDK and foursquare API library
  • for a serverless OAuth solution
  • RequestBin for inspecting HTTP requests (great to debug our push API)
  • Runscope's OAuth2 Token Generator to easily generate an OAuth token to test with without using your own server