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1 app per account

API call quota is 950 regular API calls per day and 50 premium API calls per day

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1 app per account

API call quota is 99,500 regular calls per day and 500 premium calls per day

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From $599

Unlimited apps per account

No API quota, with .001 cents per regular call and .003 cents per premium call

72 hour email support

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Places Database
  • Download venue content and customize data to your business needs

  • Available via JSON or TSV

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Places API
  • Connect to our API to search, discover and rank venues

  • Get real-time data access

Key Features and Venue Attributes

See how we stack up against other data providers.

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62M+ Global Venues
Number of commercial POIs
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190+ Countries and 50 Territories
Countries for which we provide POI data
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900+ Venue Categories
Venue category count across 3 levels
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30+ Attribute Fields
Number of fields per venue (where applicable)
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Factual joins Foursquare
We are thrilled to announce the addition of Factual to our company. Together, we’re offering the best in targeting, measurement, developer tools and POI data. Find out what makes us the leading, independent location partner to our customers.