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Build location-aware features and increase app engagement with our location SDK.
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  • Integrate if your app has less than 100K monthly tracked users*

  • Get access to unlimited geofences, user states functionality and more

  • Access for free with no strings attached

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  • Embed if your app has more than 100K monthly tracked users*

  • Categorize users into pre-built segments, and deliver more personalized push via integration partnerships with top MMAs

  • Get enterprise-grade support from our technical services team

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We believe consumer rights should always come first.
Here’s our stance on:
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Foursquare is GDPR compliant, and extends the ability for consumers to exercise their right to be forgotten and the right to access their data globally.
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User Consent
Only applications that provide a clear end-user location benefit can utilize our location SDK. Apps must also obtain opt-in consent for background location data collection.
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Data Ownership
Location data collected from apps that utilize our SDK is fully owned by the app publisher. Eligible apps may license data back for a discounted rate on our Pilgrim SDK Enterprise tier.*