Rate Limits

Usage of the API is subject to rate limits. The limits are based on a moving window that tracks the number of requests you send per hour.


An application can make up to 5,000 userless requests per hour to venues/* endpoints. We feel that this is adequate for most use cases, but if you find yourself needing more, see the section below on requesting increases.

An application can make up to 500 userless requests to all other endpoints groups per hour.

Authenticated requests can make 500 requests per hour per OAuth token to the Foursquare API. For example, if your app has 3 connected users, it could make at most 500 requests on behalf of the each connected user, for a maximum of 1,500 authenticated requests per hour.

Please note that rate limits are not per endpoint, but per top-level endpoint group. For example, in an hour, if you make 2,500 userless requests to venues/search and 2,500 userless requests to venues/explore, you would have exhausted your venues/* rate limits for that hour; however, you would still have 500 requests left for tips/*.

Generally rate limits follow the rules above. Some endpoints may have different limits though. For the most current and accurate rate limit usage information for a particular request type, inspect the X-RateLimit-Remaining and X-RateLimit-Limit HTTP headers of API responses.


Rate limits can be increased by request. If your application needs more requests per hour, please contact us at api@foursquare.com and provide all information that we ask for below. Your rate limit increase request will not be considered unless you address each one of these four points in your email.

  • Basic Info: The name of your app, a description of what your app does, your app's client id, and an explanation of why you believe you need an increase.

  • Usage: What endpoints you're calling and how often you're calling them (average calls per endpoint per hour). Also provide a description of how you're using the data retrieved. We use this to make sure you're abiding by our Platform Policies and Terms of Service. It also helps us verify that your use of the API is efficient and avoids unnecessary calls. Sample requests are generally helpful.

  • Linking & Attribution: Send us screenshots of your application making it obvious where you link to and attribute Foursquare. If you have a live version of your integration that we can play around with, even better!

  • Caching: What information do you cache and how often do you refresh it? Utilize caching in your app to avoid making repetitive calls to the Foursquare API when different users request the the same information. Server-side caching of venue details is generally required for apps requesting an increase. See the Retention section of our Platform Policies for more details.

Allowing users to connect their account to your application is highly recommended; in addition to the 500 requests/hour you can make on the user's behalf, you'll also receive higher precision, personalized results for search and explore requests.