Merchant Platform

The Foursquare Merchant Platform helps developers work with venue managers to manage specials and venue information and build experiences for customers that respond to check-ins.

Venue management system

With endpoints we’ve specifically developed for merchants, developers can build tools to help businesses manage their specials, campaigns, tips, venue information, customer relations, and make sure their Foursquare venue information is up to date.

Venue analytics

Merchants can also create analytics dashboards using the venue stats and venue timeseries endpoint. Provided statistics can help merchants identify prime selling times and better understand their venue's clientele. Apps built on the merchant platform leverage the stream of data that flows into the main Foursquare mobile app to give merchants meaningful, statistically backed results.

Real-time data

The experimental venue push API allows your application to get a real-time view into check-ins at a merchant's locations. Everytime a user checks in to an authed merchant's venue, our API will send your app an instantaneous ping - allowing you to then push that real-time information to those merchants as appropriate.