Data Feeds & Delivery Options

Standard Visits Feed

  • Description: Daily feed of chain or category specific visits made by users, 1P + 3P data. International availability in: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam
  • Best for: Measurement on ad spend, advanced consumer analytics, attribution modeling, building and creating/targeting custom segments
  • Options: Historical data for up to L180, national or by DMAs, up to 50 chains*. Not available: lat/long, exact hour, exact timestamp
  • Delivery: Foursquare-owned S3
  • Ideal for Brands, agency/holding company data platforms, etc.

Research Visits Feed

  • Description: Daily feed of all visits to individual venues, 1P only*, normalization weights, US only
  • Use Case: Trend analysis (venues, chains, categories, geos), investments decisions, hedge fund financial analysis, site selection, urban planning, research reports, municipal planning
  • Options: Lookback of L3 years, available nationally or for specific DMAs
  • Delivery: S3 or ADX (standardized listings on Amazon)
  • Ideal for Hedge funds, consultancies, asset management groups, government and academic researchers

Delivery Options

  • Daily, weekly, or monthly delivery with a 48-hour lag
  • Option to receive visitation data from chains or from categories
  • Historical data available beginning July 2020
  • Sent via Foursquare-owned S3 bucket, Amazon Data Exchange or Snowflake

Over the last three years, the average file size of the daily file was 215MB/day (average ranges from 60MB to 600MB). Historical One-time 3 years = 750GB (240GB compressed)

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