Set User or Page Role for a Venue
Sets a user's or page's role for a venue.
Requires Acting UserYes (learn more)
User RestrictionsMust be venue manager
Modes supportedfoursquare (learn more)
All parameters are optional, unless otherwise indicated.
VENUE_IDAVNU234required The venue for which you want to add branding.
userId1284286794required. The id of the user or brand page for which we are changing roles at this venue
rolemanagerrequired. One of the values below, indicating the role that the user should receive at the venue.
manager User is a manager of the venue. They may add specials, send updates, update the profile, and more
employee User is an employee at the venue. They have no privileges to manage the venue, and may not become mayor
page Sets the page for the venue. Page has all management rights, and also represents the venue in local updates and other communication. The given userId must represent a brand page, not a regular user.
none Removes the user's or page's role at the venue.
visibletrueoptional. Determines whether managers are visible on the venue profile. Only applies to manager role.
Response fields