Propose an Edit to a Venue
Allows you to propose a change to a venue.

If the user knows the correct venue information, use this method to save it. Otherwise, use flag to flag the venue instead (you need not specify new venue info in that case).
Requires Acting UserYes (learn more)
Modes supportedfoursquare (learn more)
All parameters are optional, unless otherwise indicated.
VENUE_IDAVNU234required The venue id for which an edit is being proposed.
nameCho Dang GolThe name of the venue.
address1313 Mockingbird LaneThe address of the venue.
crossStreetat Fulton StThe nearest intersecting street or streets.
cityNew YorkThe city name where this venue is.
statenew YorkThe nearest state or province to the venue.
zipAE1234The zip or postal code for the venue.
phone00 01 23 1234The phone number of the venue.
twittereathabanaThe twitter handle of the venue.
descriptionWe are a family owned and operated business with our customers' satisfaction ...A freeform description of the venue, up to 300 characters.
urlhttp://www.mercurylounge.comThe url of the homepage of the venue.
menuUrl url where the menu of the venue can be found.
facebookUrl url for this venue's Facebook Page.
venuell44.3,37.2Latitude and longitude at which the venue should be located.
primaryCategoryId123The ID of the category to which you want to assign this venue.
addCategoryIds123,abcComma-separated list of new category IDs to be assigned to this venue. If you are adding a new category to a venue and you want to make it primary, you should just use primaryCategoryId.
removeCategoryIds123,abcComma-separated list of new category IDs to be removed from this venue.
hours6,1700,2200;7,0900,1400,BrunchThe hours for the venue, as a semi-colon separated list of open segments and named segments (e.g., brunch or happy hour). Open segments are formatted as day,start,end. Named segments additionally have a label, formatted as day,start,end,label. Days are formatted as integers with Monday = 1,...,Sunday = 7. Start and End are formatted as [+]HHMM format. Use 24 hour format (no colon), prefix with 0 for HH or MM less than 10. Use '+' prefix, i.e., +0230 to represent 2:30 am past midnight into the following day.
Response fields