The lists that this venue appears on
Requires Acting UserNo (learn more)
Modes supportedfoursquare (learn more)
All parameters are optional, unless otherwise indicated.
VENUE_IDHZXXY3YIdentity of a venue to get lists for.
groupeditedcan be created, edited, followed, friends, other. If no acting user is present, only other is supported.
limit30Number of results to return, up to 200.
offset300Used to page through results. Must specify a group
Response fields
listsIf group is specified, it will contain count and items of lists.
If no group is specified, it will contain a groups array containing elements, each with type, name, an optional count, and an optional items. The type field can be passed in as a group to get more elements. If present count represents the total number of elements. If not specified, there are a potentially unbounded number of elements. items contains a sample of the lists.

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