Explore Recommended and Popular Venues

Returns a list of recommended venues near the current location.

If authenticated, the method will potentially personalize the ranking based on you and your friends. If you do not authenticate, you will not get this personalization.

This endpoint is part of the venues API.
Requires Acting UserNo (learn more)
Modes supportedfoursquare (learn more)
All parameters are optional, unless otherwise indicated.
ll44.3,37.2required unless near is provided. Latitude and longitude of the user's location.
nearChicago, ILrequired unless ll is provided. A string naming a place in the world. If the near string is not geocodable, returns a failed_geocode error. Otherwise, searches within the bounds of the geocode and adds a geocode object to the response.
llAcc10000.0Accuracy of latitude and longitude, in meters.
alt0Altitude of the user's location, in meters.
altAcc10000.0Accuracy of the user's altitude, in meters.
radius250Radius to search within, in meters. If radius is not specified, a suggested radius will be used based on the density of venues in the area.
sectionfoodOne of food, drinks, coffee, shops, arts, outdoors, sights, trending or specials, nextVenues (venues frequently visited after a given venue), or topPicks (a mix of recommendations generated without a query from the user). Choosing one of these limits results to venues with the specified category or property.
querydonutsA term to be searched against a venue's tips, category, etc. The query parameter has no effect when a section is specified.
limit10Number of results to return, up to 50.
offset20Used to page through results.
noveltynewPass new or old to limit results to places the acting user hasn't been or has been, respectively. Omitting this parameter returns a mixture of old and new venues.
friendVisitsvisitedPass visited or notvisited to limit results to places the acting user's friends have or haven't been, respectively. Omitting this parameter returns a mixture of venues to which the user's friends have or haven't been.
timeanyPass any to retrieve results for any time of day. Omitting this parameter returns results targeted to the current time of day.
dayanyPass any to retrieve results for any day of the week. Omitting this parameter returns results targeted to the current day of the week.
venuePhotos1Boolean flag to include a photo in the response for each venue, if one is available. Default is 0 (no photos). Photos are returned as part of the venue JSON object.
lastVenue4ef0e7cf7beb5932d5bdeb4eA venue ID to use in combination with the intent=nextVenues parameter, which returns venues users often visit after a given venue. If intent=nextVenues is specified but lastVenue is not, the user's last check-in will be used if it is within 2 hours. If the user has not checked in within the last 2 hours, no results will be returned.
openNow1Boolean flag to only include venues that are open now. This prefers official provider hours but falls back to popular check-in hours.
sortByDistance1Boolean flag to sort the results by distance instead of relevance.
price2,3Comma separated list of price points. Currently the valid range of price points are [1,2,3,4], 1 being the least expensive, 4 being the most expensive. For food venues, in the United States, 1 is < $10 an entree, 2 is $10-$20 an entree, 3 is $20-$30 an entree, 4 is > $30 an entree.
saved1Boolean flag to only include venues that the user has saved on their To-Do list or to another list.
specials1Boolean flag to only include venues that have a special.
Response fields
keywordsA list of words that are suggested for the user to input as refinements. Has a count with the number of elements, and items with the actual keyword objects. Each object has a displayName as well as a keyword which is meant to be fed back into the system as a query.
warning (optional)Presents an object with a text field that contains a warning message (i.e. not enough results, try doing X).
groupsAn array of objects representing groups of recommendations. Each group contains a type such as "recommended," a human-readable (eventually localized) name such as "Recommended Places," and an array items of recommendation objects, which have an ordered list of objects which contain reasons and venue. The reasons are count and items, where each item has a type such as "social" and a message about why this place may be of interest to the acting user. The venues are compact venues that include stats and hereNow data.
We encourage clients to be robust against the introduction or removal of group types by treating the groups as opaque objects to be displayed or by placing unfamiliar groups in a catchall group.
suggestedRadius (optional)If no radius was specified in the request, presents the radius that was used for the query (based upon the density of venues in the query area).
headerLocationA text name for the location the user searched, e.g. "SoHo".
headerFullLocationA full text name for the location the user searched, e.g. "SoHo, New York".
headerMessageA message to the user based on their current context, e.g. "Suggestions for Tuesday afternoon".

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