Add a Venue
Allows Foursquare users to add a new venue.

All fields are optional, except for ll and name.

Category ID’s
Although optional, we strongly recommend that developers pass in the primaryCategoryId parameter to assign the new venue a category. The resulting venues become more meaningful within Foursquare and are more easily searchable by other users. We recommend that applications show their users our category hierarchy (obtained from venues/categories) and allow them to choose something suitable.

Duplicate Venue Errors
The method may return an HTTP 409 error if the new venue looks like a duplicate of an existing venue. This error response will include two useful values: candidateDuplicateVenues and ignoreDuplicatesKey.

In this situation, you can either:
  • Use one of the candidateDuplicateVenues included in the response of the 409 error. This will not create a new venue.
  • Ignore duplicates and force the addition of a new venue by resubmitting the same venue add request with two additional parameters: ignoreDuplicates set to true and ignoreDuplicatesKey set to the value from the earlier error response.
What you do with the duplicates should be up to your users—developers should not always just pass ignoreDuplicates=true or always trust the top duplicate candidate.

Adding Venues Without Authenticating Users First
This endpoint generally requires you to authenticate Foursquare users before you can add venues on their behalf. In some cases, we’ll make exceptions and allow applications to create new venues without authenticating any users.
Requires Acting UserYes (learn more)
Modes supportedfoursquare (learn more)
All parameters are optional, unless otherwise indicated.
nameHabana Outpostrequired the name of the venue
address1313 Mockingbird LaneThe address of the venue.
crossStreetat Fulton StThe nearest intersecting street or streets.
cityNew YorkThe city name where this venue is.
stateNew YorkThe nearest state or province to the venue.
zipAE1234The zip or postal code for the venue.
phone00 01 23 1234The phone number of the venue.
twittereathabanaThe twitter handle of the venue.
ll44.3,37.2required Latitude and longitude of the venue, as accurate as is known.
primaryCategoryId4bf58dd8d48988d1d4941735The ID of the category to which you want to assign this venue.
descriptionWe are a family owned and operated business with our customers' satisfaction ... A freeform description of the venue, up to 160 characters.
urlhttp://www.mercurylounge.comThe url of the homepage of the venue.
ignoreDuplicatestrueA boolean flag telling the server to ignore duplicates and force the addition of this venue.
ignoreDuplicatesKeybb29f248166648fb51d8d92b1740444cRequired if ignoreDuplicates is true. This key will be available in the response of the HTTP 409 error of the first (failed) attempt to add venue.
Response fields
venueThe venue that was just created.