Checkins by a user
Returns a history of checkins for the authenticated user.

Note: We highly discourage developers from polling this endpoint to learn of new check-ins or to keep their users' check-in history synced. Using the real-time API is a much better solution.
Requires Acting UserYes (learn more)
Modes supportedswarm (learn more)
All parameters are optional, unless otherwise indicated.
USER_IDselfFor now, only self is supported
limit100Number of results to return, up to 250.
offset100The number of results to skip. Used to page through results.
sortnewestfirstHow to sort the returned checkins. Can be newestfirst or oldestfirst.
afterTimestamp1279044824Retrieve the first results to follow these seconds since epoch. This should be useful for paging forward in time, or when polling for changes. To avoid missing results when polling, we recommend subtracting several seconds from the last poll time and then de-duplicating.
beforeTimestamp1279044824Retrieve the first results prior to these seconds since epoch. Useful for paging backward in time.
Response fields
checkinsA count and items of check-ins.

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