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This change log covers the Map SDK which is installed / imported via:

  • JavaScript scripts
  • JavaScript npm module
  • Python pip module

Use standard installation mechanisms to select a specific version of the Unfolded Map SDK:

yarn add @unfolded/map-sdk
pip install

0.7.0 (February 23, 2022)

Starting from this release the versions of JavaScript and Python Map SDK are synced

  • setTheme now allows the user to customize the theme by providing options like the background color of the UI.
  • The Unfolded Map SDK now allows the user to set the map Split Mode between dual, swipe, or single mode with setSplitMode function. Optionally, passing the layer id's will set layer visibility per split view.


  • Python: Fix default window size in Visual Studio Code.


  • Python: Support for Google Colab notebooks.
  • Python: JupyterLab file opener for GeoJSON and CSV files.
  • Python: Fix a bug where some messages were not correctly received from JavaScript.


  • Python: Add map_config and filters arguments to be used in the HTMLUnfoldedMap constructor.


  • Python: Add get_map_config and set_map_config methods to the UnfoldedMap class.


  • Python: Fix bug where incorrect version of Unfolded Studio was loaded.


  • Python: Add provisional support for using AWS Location Services basemaps in the Map SDK via _basemap_style and _identity_pool_id arguments to UnfoldedMap.


  • Python: Add support for Databricks notebooks via HTMLUnfoldedMap.
  • JavaScript: Add getMapConfig and setMapConfig methods to the UnfoldedMap class.


Release date: Aug 3, 2021


Release date: Jul 8, 2021


Release date: Jun 23, 2021


Release date: Jun 8, 2021

This release brings support for "local" maps, class based API, new map methods and improved event handling support.

JavaScript Upgrade Guide

JavaScript only:

  • To create a new map using Unfolded's Map SDK, use the new UnfoldedMap(...) constructor instead of the now deprecated createMap function.
  • Other Map SDK functions are now methods on UnfoldedMap object (created by the new UnfoldedMap(...) constructor). The map object argument should not be passed to the corresponding methods.
  • You now longer need to set appendToDocument in the new UnfoldedMap(...) constructor unless you want to set it to false.
  • Map now automatically takes full width and height based on the size of the parent container so there is no need to listen on the resize event of the parent container. Values for width and height can also be set to CSS strings providing more control of the resizing of the map.
  • (BREAKING CHANGE) Property appendToDocument that is set in new UnfoldedMap(...) / createMap(...) is now true by default.


  • Added setTimelineConfig function that consolidates timeline settings in a single API.
  • Deprecated setTimelineAnimationSpeed, setTimelineInterval, toggleTimelineVisibility, and toggleTimelineAnimation. You should use setTimelineConfig instead.
  • Added setLayerTimelineConfig function that allows us to use layer timeline features available in certain types of layers.
  • Added getLayerTimelineInfo function that returns information about the layer timeline.


  • Added setTimelineAnimationSpeed function
  • Added getTimelineInfo function
  • Added onTimelineIntervalChange callback function
  • Added isVisible property with the layers returned in getLayers function
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

0.1.0 - Initial version

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