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A number of code examples are available to help developers quickly get up to speed on working with Unfolded APIs and SDKs:

  • JavaScript examples – A code repository on GitHub containing examples which illustrate the use of the Map SDK with modern JavaScript frameworks (React, Angular, Vue).
  • Notebook examples – A collection of Jupyter notebook examples available in our GitHub repository.
  • Map SDK playground – Explore the Map SDK's capabilities without writing a line of code.

All Unfolded examples are permissively licensed, typically under MIT-license.

Third-party Examples

It is also worth checking out the developer ecosystem for additional integration examples:

  • unfolded-maps - A public GitHub repository containing a great collection of maps and examples built on top of the Unfolded platform by @TarasNovak.

Unfolded is more than happy to include additional external examples in this list. Please contact us at [email protected] or on our Community Slack if you would like your Unfolded SDK based examples to be featured in our documentation.

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