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Welcome to the Unfolded Developer documentation hub—the guide to developing with the Unfolded Platform.

The Unfolded Platform is a geospatial analytics framework for data unification, enrichment, and visualization.

For developers, the Unfolded Platform has three main components:



Data SDK

Create and manage geospatial assets in the cloud.


Embed Unfolded Maps and control analytical features.

Map and Layer Format

Automate and configure map creation in a human-readable format.

Data SDK

The Data SDK being accessed in a Visual Studio notebook.The Data SDK being accessed in a Visual Studio notebook.

The Data SDK being accessed in a Visual Studio notebook.

Use Cases

The Unfolded Data SDK provides APIs to access the Unfolded platform, allowing your applications to:

  • Authenticate with the Unfolded platform.
  • Access your geospatial assets (such as maps and datasets).
  • Access the Unfolded Data Catalog.
  • Invoke Unfolded analytics services such as enrichment from your own applications.
  • Start pipeline tasks for bulk processing of geospatial data.

Supported Environments

The Unfolded Data SDK is accessible via a REST API. Therefore, it can be accessed from any network-connected environment.
Unfolded also provides language-specific bindings for the Data SDK:

  • Python SDK - access the Unfolded Data SDK from Python backend or Jupyter Notebooks.
  • CLI - access the Unfolded Data SDK from shell scripts.
  • REST API - access the Unfolded Data SDK via a REST API.


A custom "go to city" panel built with the Map SDK.A custom "go to city" panel built with the Map SDK.

A custom "go to city" panel built with the Map SDK.

Use Cases

The Map SDK makes it easy to:

  • Do exploratory geospatial analytics and data science in Jupyter Notebooks.
  • Build web pages that embed published Unfolded Studio maps.
  • Create bespoke styling and interactions for Unfolded Studio maps.
  • Integrate Unfolded maps into your organization's workflows.

To see the Map SDK in action, visit the Examples page.

Supported Environments

The following Map SDK bindings are currently provided:


JavaScript frameworks

The Unfolded Map SDK can be in most major JavaScript frameworks, including React, Angular, Vue.JS, and Svelte.

Unfolded Map and Layer Formats

Maps on the Unfolded Platform rely on a unique file format that configures both the map and its layers. This feature allows users to work programmatically with Unfolded maps.

Maps and Layers are described by a JSON object formatted according to the schema described in the Map and Layer format documentation. This map configuration is designed with accessibility in mind, and can be retrieved and supplied within Studio or via the Map and Data SDK.

For additional information, visit:

Additional Resources


Our SDKs are actively being extended to meet the needs of our customers. If find the Unfolded SDKs are of interest to you, but don't see everything you need, contact [email protected].

Developer Support

Unfolded provides priority developer support to customers.
In addition, Unfolded can provide professional services to help customers build custom applications with the Unfolded SDKs.

The Unfolded Community slack channel is a great place for anyone to engage if you have questions about the Map SDK, or if you want to suggest additional examples to help you get started.

Contact [email protected] for more information.

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