Search Nearby Tips
This endpoint will be deprecated by 2015. For more information, see our 2014 Update.
Returns a list of tips near the area specified.

This endpoint is deprecated. We recommend using venues/explore instead.

Requires Acting UserNo (learn more)
All parameters are optional, unless otherwise indicated.
ll44.3,37.2required unless near is provided. Latitude and longitude of the user's location.
nearChicago, ILrequired unless ll is provided. A string naming a place in the world. If the near string is not geocodable, returns a failed_geocode error. Otherwise, searches within the bounds of the geocode and adds a geocode object to the response.
limit100optional Number of results to return, up to 500.
offset100optional Used to page through results.
filterfriendsIf set to friends, only show nearby tips from friends.
querydonutsOnly find tips matching the given term, cannot be used in conjunction with friends filter.
Response fields
tipsAn array of tips, each of which contain a user and venue.

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