Visit Data Schema

Field Description Nullable
VisitId The ID of the visit N
ConsumerId The application’s Foursquare consumerId N
ConsumerType DeviceOS Type. One of androidSdk or iosSdk N
SdkBuild The SDK Build version N
InstallId The unique ID created by Pilgrim for each installation N
AdId The user ADID Y
ArrivalTime Time of the arrival in milliseconds since epoch N
DepartureTime Time of the departure in milliseconds since epoch. Available on exit and historical visit types N
LocationType The type of place the event corresponds to, which is one of: venue, home, work, none, unknown N
ConfidenceLevel The venue confidence level. One of: none, low, med, high Y
ArrivalLat The latitude of the user when they arrived at the place N
ArrivalLng The longitude of the user when they arrived at the place N
DepartureLat The latitude of the user when they departed the place N
DepartureLng The longitude of the user when they departed the place N
Backfilled Whether the visit was backfilled or not: true or false N
VenueId The venue ID Y
VenueName The Venue name Y
Address The address of the venue Y
CrossStreet The venue cross street Y
City The city of the venue Y
State The state of the venue Y
Zip The zip of the venue Y
CountryCode The country code of the venue Y
VenueLat The latitude of the venue center Y
VenueLng The longitude of the venue center Y
Chain1_id The primary chain Id Y
Chain1 The primary chain name Y
Chain2_id The secondary chain Id Y
Chain2 The secondary chain name Y
Chain3_id The tertiary chain Id Y
Chain3 The tertiary chain name Y
Category_primary_id The primary category id Y
Category_primary The primary category name Y
Category_secondary_id The secondary category id Y
Category_secondary The secondary category name Y
Category_tertiary_id The tertiary category id Y
Category_tertiary The tertiary category name Y
PartnerVenue_Id The partner ID from the venue harmonization process Y