Geofence API Endpoint Overview

Below is a list of endpoints for managing your Pilgrim geofences. Geofences can be configured for specfic venues, categories, chains, polygons, and arbitrary lat/lng points. Before using our API, please ensure you have properly installed Pilgrim, read through the geofencing overview, and generated a user authentication token.

Note: The user of the application must be the one creating the geofences.

Method Endpoint Description
POST add Add a Venue Geofence
POST add Add a Polygon Geofence
POST add Add a Point Geofence
POST addbulk Add Geofences in Bulk
GET geofences Get a Geofence
GET geofences Get All Geofences
POST update Update a Geofence
POST delete Delete a Geofence
POST geofences Clear All Geofences