Foursquare Places represents over 100 million commercial points-of-interest and is trusted by top enterprises to build location-based experiences into their software applications.

Our selection of precise firmographic location data as well as unique rich attributes unlocks the potential to enhance your app or website with the ability to describe locations, analyze trends, and improve user experiences.



Over the past 12+ years, Foursquare has developed a map of the world using first party data derived from over 14 billion explicit check-ins from our consumer apps. We’ve also merged with leaders in the space to increase our breadth of sources and improve our ability to ingest, aggregate, clean, cluster and summarize billions of location data references. We have also accumulated numerous geographic datasets, geospatial assets, and validation rules.

Foursquare combines our first party data, groundtruth datasets, web resources, and partners with third parties to incorporate updates and ensure near 100% coverage. We also partner with trusted listing syndicators that ship daily updates for millions of places on behalf of leading brands, chains, and small business owners. They actively manage their POIs through regular data updates.

Our datasets are ingested into our proprietary processing pipeline, which applies our machine learning algorithm to de-dupe, normalize, and enrich the data. And our validation method is best in class. In addition to employing our proprietary technology, we incorporate human validation by a dedicated community of Superusers (see Glossary). Foursquare also conducts Human Verified Audits of our points of interest, ensuring we deliver places that are real and open for business.

A rigorous quality assurance program allows us to improve the quality and fill rates of the data for commercial use. The result is the world’s leading independent location platform.

Decide Which Access is Best For You

While you can access Places data via API or flat file, our API was not designed to simply be a way to query against the full database. Instead, it was designed for specific use cases common to web and app developers.

Read on to learn more about each product and reach out if you still have questions deciding which is right for your needs.

Places API

  • Get real-time data access and help users discover nearby venues
  • Core data, rich data and residential address data
  • Enhance your apps’ search functionality
  • Assign a user’s smartphone to a specific location, in real-time
  • Help users make informed decisions

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Places Database

  • Core data and rich data
  • Enrich your existing venue database with rich, user-generated content
  • Download fresh, up-to-date venue content verified by humans, software and third parties
  • Customize data to your business needs:
    • Delivered daily, weekly or monthly
    • Available via JSON or TSV

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Ask yourself the following questions to determine which product is best for your business needs. Many customers use both.


Reach out to us for help with determining which product is right for you.

Explore Rich Contextual Data

Available Attributes

Foursquare’s Places includes core attributes as well as a multitude of rich attributes.

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Categories & Taxonomy

Foursquare attempts to apply accurate and granular categorization to each of our POI records. In order to accomplish this, we leverage our own proprietary taxonomy of 1K+ categories.

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Foursquare has created explicit associations between national and local brands and their brick-and-mortar locations. Users can query the Places dataset explicitly by chain name or chain ID to obtain a list of stores representing that chain.

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Supported Countries

Foursquare Places has over 100 million POIs across 247 countries and territories.

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