Places Database

Foursquare’s Places Flat File is available for delivery in either JSON and TSV format.

Get access to:

  • 60M+ commercial POI including restaurants, shops & services, and more
  • 941 Venue Categories (full list available here), updated quarterly
  • 1M+ fresh* Tips
  • 18.5M+ fresh* Photos
  • 1M+ Tastes, popular search terms generated by our consumer app users
  • 23K+ Chains, including top QSRs, retailers, auto dealerships, and more
  • 7.6M+ Venues with popular hours

Places DB Data Schema

Foursquare’s Places Flat File comes with 25 core attributes and a multitude of rich attributes. The Core Attributes are included in all of our packages. Packages are available in a TSV format.

VIew Places Data Schema

Delivery Options

  • Delivered weekly or monthly
  • Available as a flat file delivery via JSON or TSV via:

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