Places API

The Places API lets you bring location context into your applications with the speed and reliability you need to scale by providing rich, accurate, point of interest (POI) data that you can trust to meet your needs at any scale.

Provide search results that have meaning. Using Places, your users can draw from our rich details about each venue and location to find the best places near them.

You can also power geo-tagging based on real-time location and passively predict a future location with our place-probability algorithm.


Learn About Pricing

Please refer to our Pricing page to learn about Foursquare tiers and prices per call.

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New to the Foursquare Places API? Not to worry, we've got you covered. In just a few simple steps, you'll be up and running with your first API call in no time!

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API Explorer

With this tool you can learn about all things about the Places API as well as view example responses and even build your own functional calls.

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API Usage Guidelines

Learn about our policies to maintain your access to our Foursquare Developer Products.

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View API Usage & Billing

The Places API Usage page allows you to keep track of your Places API usage on multiple levels. This helps ensure accurate billing and gives you insight into how you are using the various endpoints.

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