The Places API offers real-time access to Foursquare’s global database of rich venue data and user content to power your location-based experiences in your app or website.

The fastest way to get started with the Places API is to use our getting started guide. You'll first create a developer account and then use our Postman collection to retrieve data you need.

Key Features

Feature Description
Access to Foursquare’s Global Database Get real-time access to over 105MM places available across 190 countries and 50 territories.
Power App Experiences Use our custom API endpoints to power geo-tagging, venue search, venue recommendations, and more in your apps.
Descriptive Place Profiles Leverage 70+ venue attributes and 900+ categories, sourced by the Foursquare consumer community.
Rich User Content Create engaging location experiences with access to user-generated tips, tastes, photos & more.

Next Steps

Check out our getting started guide to explore how you can use our API:

Getting Started