This feature is currently in beta and available for all of our interested partners by request. Please reach out to your Foursquare contact and we will enable this feature for you.

Segments are the most sophisticated way to understand users, powered by years of Foursquare data science and analysis of visit patterns. Intelligently target your users based on their visit behavior for deeper customer engagement with 17 pre-built user segments. Build personalized experiences for your users based on “who they are” according to each user's visit patterns and history.

By joining our early access program for Segments, you’ll be one of the first to try the feature and guide the direction of our product.

Note: Segments are based on activity that occurs after segments have been enabled for an account. They are not retroactive and will not include activity that occurred before the feature was enabled. Once enabled, it usually takes up to a month of visit activity to start bucketing users into segments.

Current Segments

Partners can now bucket their users based on their visit patterns into our 17 segment “personas”. These are:

  1. The Foursquare Arts & Entertainment Fan
  2. The Foursquare Beauty Enthusiast
  3. The Foursquare Casual Diner
  4. The Foursquare Coffee Drinker
  5. The Foursquare College Student
  6. The Foursquare Fast Food Fan
  7. The Foursquare Fitness Fanatic
  8. The Foursquare Foodie
  9. The Foursquare Host
  10. The Foursquare Life of the Party
  11. The Foursquare Movie Goer
  12. The Foursquare Professional
  13. The Foursquare Sports Lover
  14. The Foursquare Super Shopper
  15. The Foursquare Technophile
  16. The Foursquare Traveler
  17. The Foursquare Trendsetter

For more information about what each segment means, please feel free to reach out to your Foursquare contact and they would be happy to provide more information.


  • Ability to send personalized notifications to users
  • Build custom UX experiences for users
  • High-level insights into who your users are


  • SDK version 2.1.1 or higher
  • Account enabled by Foursquare


Once enabled and generated, segments are delivered to the SDK, webhook, or third-party integration and attached to any visit object as an array of segments. A segment object will contain the following:

Key Type Description
segmentId Integer The unique Foursquare segment identifier
name String The segment name. Example: The Foursquare Coffee Drinker - U.S.

Accessing Via SDK

Segments will be available via the SDK (on both iOS and Android) via any visit object:

if (visit.getSegments() != null) {
  for (Segment segment : visit.getSegments()) {
    Log.d("MyApp", String.format("Segment %d: %s", segment.getSegmentId(), segment.getName()));
if let segments = visit.segments {
  segments.forEach {
    print("\($0.segmentId): \($")

Via Webhook

Once enabled and generated, segments will be attached to v2 webhook place events (where eventType is placeArrival, placeDeparture, or placeHistorical). For example:

  "pilgrimVisitId": "4d3e738c1fa763002c909bea",
  "eventType": "placeDeparture",
  "timestamp": 1547601883000,
  "placeEvent": { ... },
  "lat": 42.817438,
  "lng": -85.204129,
  "installId": "ABCDEFG-C2B2-4E0F-B0E9-55C05BEFA4D4",
  "sdkType": "iossdk",
  "segments": [
    {"segmentId": 111, "name": "The Foursquare Coffee Drinker - U.S."},
    {"segmentId": 112, "name": "The Foursquare Fast Food Fan - U.S."},
    {"segmentId": 113, "name": "The Foursquare Traveler - The U.S."},
    {"segmentId": 114, "name": "The Foursquare Technophile - U.S."},
    {"segmentId": 115, "name": "The Foursquare Professional - U.S."},
    {"segmentId": 116, "name": "The Foursquare Super Shopper - U.S."},
    {"segmentId": 117, "name": "The Foursquare Life of the Party - U.S."},
    {"segmentId": 118, "name": "The Foursquare Foodie - U.S."}

Next Steps

If you are interested in evaluating this feature, please reach out to your Foursquare contact and we will enable this feature for you.

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