iOS - Changelog



  • Migrated from Objective C to Swift to modernize Pilgrim codebase and offer more flexibility to add features
  • Improved support for iOS 13
  • Add custom properties to geofences in the Pilgrim Developer Console
  • New live console event debugging support
  • Disable AdId sharing support



  • Added support for arbitrary latitude and longitude geofences
  • Added support for polygon-shaped geofences
  • Added support for adding geofences via an API


  • Breaking: UserInfo on PilgrimManager is nullable. UserInfo can also now be persisted, using the new persisted flag and must now be set into PilgrimManager
  • Bug fixes for geofences and user segments
  • Added missing nullability annotations
  • Fixes to Debug Mode view layout (now requires iOS 9 and above)
  • Fixes to venue categories resolution


  • Breaking: Moving forward builds will no longer be distributed through Artifactory. Instead, please use Carthage/CocoaPods/Manually install the SDK. If you previously used Artifactory to install the SDK, please checkout our setup migration guide.
  • Added getCurrentLocation method to actively request the current place a device is at
  • Added support for user segments
  • Fixed a bug where the SDK wasn't initialized properly if configured with a nil delegate


  • Breaking: Authenticate with iOS Bundle Id set in your Foursquare App configuration - guide
  • Breaking: Swift renaming of public facing methods
  • Added a debug view
  • Added support for geofences at venues, categories or chains
  • Added visitTester to simulate visits at lat/lngs or specific venues


  • Removed dependency on FSQLocationBroker
  • Setup project for release to client on Artifactory/CocoaPods


  • Fix for FSQPVisit where otherPossibleVenues was not present on departures if present on arrival.
  • Handling a API error edge case for failed visits.


  • Fixes a bug that caused some category filters to not work on child categories when a correct parent category was set.


  • Breaking: Added additional, required, delegate method didBackfillVisit
  • Added a probability property on the venue object which is the probability that the venue is associated with the visit
  • Added additional checkin methods checkInAtVenueWithVenueId and checkInAtVenueWithPartnerVenueId


  • Changes the visitFeedbackProvider methods to accept the visidID (NSString) instead of the entire FSQPVisit object for providing feedback.

  • Note: You will need to update your provideFeedbackForPVisit methods to reflect these changes.