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Get a Geofence


Get a geofence referenced by its geofenceId. A geofenceId is generated for all geofences and can be found in the Pilgrim Console.




This endpoint requires user authentication.

Supported Description
User required A valid OAuth access token in the query string of each request. Eg. &oauth_token=XXXX

For more information about this authentication method and how to obtain an access token, see the Authentication docs.



Response Fields

Field Description
geofence A geofence object containing an id, name, type, and boundary.
id A unique string identifier for this geofence.
name Name of the geofence that will appear in the Pilgrim Console.
type Can be either Venue, LatLng, or Polygon.
boundary Bounds of the geofence. For polygons it will be an array of points.
radius Area around the lat/lng that will trigger a geofence event.


  "meta": {
    "code": 200,
    "requestId": "5cacda89f594df4b05c2444c"
  "notifications": [
      "type": "notificationTray",
      "item": {
        "unreadCount": 0
  "response": {
    "geofence": {
      "type": "Venue",
      "name": "au cheval",
      "id": "5cacb43ed176e90025f69690",
      "venueIds": ["5c71d51689b06a002c6de87d"],
      "boundary": {
        "radius": 120
      "dwellTime": 2