Third Party Integrations

Many companies use a Mobile Marketing Automation (MMA) solution to manage events and create content based on those events. The Pilgrim SDK allows you to directly integrate events into certain platforms. Similar to webhooks, we will send a notification to partners you have configured every time we detect an event. If you are using a partner that we currently don’t support, let us know and we can look into offering an integration for that as well.

More information on how to configure these in the SDK can be found in our Advanced Setup Guide for Third Party Integrations.


The Appboy integration requires your Group Id and an optional Android App Id and/or iOS App Id. braze


The Localytics integration requries your App UUID, API Key and App Secret. localytics


The MParticle integration requires an Android App Key and Android App Secret and/or an iOS App Key and iOS App Secret.


Urban Airship

The Urban Airship integration requires your App ID and App Token. urbanairship

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