In compliance with GDPR privacy laws, Foursquare will make available to all SDK developers the means to request user data be removed from our system via two methods. Both methods require the submission of the install ids associated with the accounts you would like removed. These install ids have been provided to you by Pilgrim and starting May 25th, 2018 it is your responsibility as the app developer to provide these install ids to Foursquare, in order for us to properly remove the user's data records. An example install id would be: 2B82C786-7BB8-4601-9A86-372417AAD4AC

The first method of requesting data removal is by a form submitted from your app's developer console. This form will accept up to 1000 install ids at a time, comma delimited.

The second method is via our erasureRequest endpoint, which documents how to request data removal for an account directly from your app using our API.