Welcome to the Pilgrim SDK—the always on, passive location detection engine by Foursquare. The Pilgrim SDK provides contextual awareness to mobile applications and connected devices to understand where and how your users are moving through the real world.

Get started in 5 easy steps:

Get Access to Pilgrim

Foursquare must whitelist your app to enable access to the Pilgrim SDK.

Request Access

Install the SDK

Get the SDK for any of the following platforms:

iOS Android

Customize and Configure Events

Configure events for when a user enters and exits a venue, arrives at or leaves home/work, or is at at spefic venue, category, or chain.


Advanced setup


Handle events on the client, send to your webhook, and/or integrate directly with third-party services such as Braze, Localytics, and Urban Airship.

All Integrations



Next Steps

Now that you're all set to use our Pilgrim SDK, be sure to check out these additional links to get you live:

Debug Mode



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