Page Venues
Allows you to get the page's venues.
Requires Acting UserNo (learn more)
Modes supportedfoursquare (learn more)
All parameters are optional, unless otherwise indicated.
PAGE_IDAVNU234required The page id for which venues are being requested.
ll44.3,37.2optional Not valid with ne or sw. Limits results to venues near this latitude and longitude within an optional radius.
radius800optional Can be used when including ll. Not valid with ne or sw. Limit results to venues within this many meters of the specified ll. The maximum supported radius is currently 100,000 meters.
sw44.3,37.2With ne, limits results to the bounding quadrangle defined by the latitude and longitude given by sw as its south-west corner, and ne as its north-east corner. Not valid with ll or radius. Bounding quadrangles with an area up to approximately 10,000 square kilometers are supported.
ne44.1,37.4See sw
offset50The offset of which venues to return. Defaults to 0.
limit30The number of venues to return. Defaults to 20, max of 100.
storeId995optional Only return venues whose storeId matches. storeIds are defined by the page manager (and therefore namespaced to that particular page). They are the page's own internal identifier for that venue. Cannot be used with any geo params.
Response fields
venuesA count and items of compact venues.

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