Delete an Item
Allows you to delete items from a list. One of itemId, venueId, or tipId must be provided.

Note: Collaborators can only delete items they added. List owners may delete any item.
Requires Acting UserYes (learn more)
Modes supportedfoursquare (learn more)
All parameters are optional, unless otherwise indicated.
LIST_IDHZXXY3Yrequired id for a user-created or followed list or one of either USER_ID/tips or USER_ID/todos.
itemIdHZXXY3Yoptional id of the item to delete.
venueIdHZXXY3Yoptional id of a venue to be deleted. If the venue is on the list multiple times, e.g. multiple tips at the same venue, all items will be removed.
tipIdHZXXY3Yoptional id of a tip to be deleted.
Response fields
list itemsA count and items of list item that were just deleted.