Reporting Data Quality Issues

We appreciate all feedback regarding Factual’s data quality. Please use the guidelines in this document to understand how to provide feedback on any of the following issues:

Closed Businesses

If you discover any Factual record that has been permanently closed, please submit all of the necessary attributes, according to our contribution guidelines, as well as the action field with a value of closed. Closed records should be submitted within the same file that you submit all of your other data.


action name address locality region postcode country
closed Joe's Pizza 123 Main St. Los Angeles CA 90064 US

Relocated Businesses

When a business moves locations, Factual considers the old location as closed and the new address as the business's new location. For such relocations, please submit the old location with closed in the action field and submit the new location as you would submit any record, using our contribution guidelines.


Joe's Pizza on 456 First St. has moved to 123 Main St.

action name address locality region postcode country
closed Joe’s Pizza 456 Main St. Los Angeles CA 90064 US
Joe’s Pizza 456 Olympic Ave. Los Angeles CA 90067 US

Duplicated Businesses

For any records that are duplicates of the same POI at the same location, please submit unwanted Factual IDs as the flagged_id and the persisting Factual ID as the preferred_id along with duplicate in the action field. As always, the POI's country, represented by the country code, also needs to be included. Examples of submitting duplicates can be found below.

Additionally, please submit reports of duplicated businesses in a separate flags file to The file should adhere to the following filename requirements and contain all of the required fields listed below. Other records will be ignored if found in the flags file.

Filename Requirements


Required Fields

Field Name Should Contain
flagged_id Factual ID of the duplicate record that should be merged into the preferred record
preferred_id Factual ID of the preferred record, into which the duplicate record should be merged
action duplicate
country ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code

Other Considerations

  • preferred_id and flagged_id must be populated with valid Factual IDs
  • flagged_id should never match the preferred_id
  • To flag multiple duplicate rows for the same business, submit a separate row for each using the same preferred_id. You do not need to submit a separate row for the preferred row. See example 2 below.


Ex 1: Flagging two duplicate rows

In this example, two separate duplicate businesses are reported to Factual. The first is a pair of US businesses, the second a pair of Canadian businesses. In the first, it is desired that Factual ID 56a158ac-df89-4f86-8043-93c011f9b7a7 will persist after the two are merged. Similarly, in the second, it is preferred that Factual ID f274fd74-0dc0-463f-acaf-74945fec8188 persists.

flagged_id preferred_id action country
226bfd2f-2558-44fd-874c-bc6035f2e9a0 56a158ac-df89-4f86-8043-93c011f9b7a7 duplicate us
1e9c888a-df28-4ad3-971b-61d31b7aff8a f274fd74-0dc0-463f-acaf-74945fec8188 duplicate ca

Ex 2: Flagging multiple duplicates of the same business

In this example, there are three Factual rows for the same business. It is desired that Factual ID 16a158ac-df89-4f86-8043-93c011f9b7a7 persists and the two duplicates are removed.

flagged_id preferred_id action country
226bfd2f-2558-44fd-874c-bc6035f2e9a0 16a158ac-df89-4f86-8043-93c011f9b7a7 duplicate us
7f04fed5-87ca-4d8b-ad0d-e6bf6fe1e3e0 16a158ac-df89-4f86-8043-93c011f9b7a7 duplicate us