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If you do not have an existing Foursquare Developer account, you will need to first create a developer account in order to access the Developer Console.

The Foursquare Developer Console is where you - as a Developer - have full control over all things related to interacting with Foursquare APIs and the Pilgrim SDK.

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Account Settings

Once you've registered, you can manage your Developer account within the Console.

Available actions include:

Manage Your Projects

Projects are used to compartmentalize Foursquare functionality to a single application. This allows you to manage each application separately and cater the functionality to each of your applications' needs.

Manage Your Organizations

Organizations enable you to manage multiple projects under a single parent entity for a simplified billing structure as well as control user access to the associated projects.

View Places API Usage

Manage Pilgrim SDK Implementation


Activation Required

In order to access Pilgrim SDK functionality within the Developer Console, Foursquare must first activate the feature for your account.

Please reach out to Request Access.

Once the Pilgrim SDK functionality has been activated for your Developer Project, you have access to the following functionality.


Release Notes

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