How We Work Together

Integrating Pilgrim with CleverTap can help you optimize your campaigns and realize ROI using real-time, location-based data:

  • Leverage the power of location based context: Send location
    based, contextual push notifications to your users when they’re at or near a specific location in our Places Database or a set of geofences you specify.
  • Build Real-time Segments to Improve Conversion: Smartly target your users based on their visit behaviour and provide personalized experiences according to their visit pattern and history.

Integration Details

  1. Make sure both the CleverTap SDK and Pilgrim SDK are properly setup.
  2. In order to properly map the CleverTap and Foursquare SDKs, you will need to set the same user ID in both systems using the profilePush method in the CleverTap SDK and the setUserId method of PilgrimUserInfo in the Pilgrim SDK.
  3. From your app’s Integrations page in the Pilgrim Console, add a new CleverTap integration and enter your CleverTap Account Id and Account Password.
  4. If you are outside of the US, please choose the appropriate URL. Learn more here
  5. Select the specific visit and geofence fields you wish to send to CleverTap.
  6. Once you have configured the Pilgrim Console, the Pilgrim SDK will automatically track location events and forward them to CleverTap.

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