• nearbyVenues and likes on pageupdate responses will be deprecated on 1/22/2016.
  • The deprecated badges endpoints are now officially EOL. Removed documentation for them.
  • API requests with versions < 20120609 are officially unsupported.
6/20/2014 5/1/2014 2/26/2014
  • Last week we announced that API requests using versions <= 20120609 will be deprecated on June 1, 2014.
  • Updated platform policies regarding search & discovery applications, display of venue data, prefetching, and API redistribution of venue data.
  • Today we're officially requiring a version parameter with the API. All requests without the v parameter will be rejected by the API.
  • Added support for seeing venue likes, tips, and photos in the Venue Push API. Your push API version needs to be >= 20131118 to receive these pushes from us.
  • Changed the verb of "liking" a page to "following" a page: pages/follow. The old pages/like endpoint will continue to be supported for the time being.
  • We announced that versioning will now be required moving forward with the API. Requests that omit a v param will be rejected starting on January 28, 2014.
  • mayor, regular, swarm, friends, and flash specials are deprecated
11/5/2013 10/11/2013
  • Removed documentation for check-in replies. The /checkins/reply endpoint will be deprecated by the end of the month. For more details, see the announcement.
  • Released a new start guide for developers
  • Added openNow, sortByDistance, price, saved, and specials parameters to the venues/explore endpoint.
  • The 7/12/2013 change to home venue visibility has been reverted due to reports of user confusion. We’re doing further analysis of the change’s expected benefits.
  • iOS apps can now connect users using a “native auth flow” which re-uses the Foursquare app’s credentials.
  • Home venues are now only visible in search to authenticated foursquare users who are friends with the venue’s creator, even if a query string is specified.
5/9/2013 4/5/2013
  • Clarified documentation around rate limits. The rate limits as they are now are essentially what they have always been (beside some anomalies we just fixed), we just convey them better now.
3/28/13 3/7/13
  • Consumers can now register multiple redirect URIs. Specify the one you want to use as a parameter in your call to
  • You can now specify the version of the Push API you want to subscribe to.
  • Added the venues/dislike endpoint
  • Added a global intent to venues/search, allowing for search without a reference location.
  • Update venues/explore to add new section types. Moved specials from being an intent to a section
  • Home venue location information is now always“fuzzed” for third party applications, regardless of the requesting user
  • Updated venues/herenow to always returns user details for authenticated requests by a venue’s manager
7/31/12 7/23/12
  • venues/herenow now returns a list of friends and friends-of-friends at a venue for authenticated requests. If the acting user is currently checked in to the venue, then a list of other users is also returned.
7/9/12 6/21/12 6/9/12 4/5/12 2/17/12 2/6/12
  • Venues search now takes a comma separated list of category ids for filtering.
  • Specials search is no longer sorted by distance and now accepts a radius parameter.
  • Venue response now returns specials in the standard count and items format.
  • From clients using version 20120121 onward, specials is a dictionary containing count and items array.
1/19/12 1/4/12
  • User response now includes pageInfo.
  • From clients using version 20120104 onward, user response type brand is renamed to page.
  • Home venue creators can now receive Venue Push notifications.
11/15/11 11/7/11 11/2/11
  • Rename the role attribute in the venue responses to roles and have it be a list of roles instead of a string.
  • venues/search now accepts a radius parameter for most types of searches, a new type of intent (browse) which does not bias results based on distance from the specified lat/lng, and ne/sw params as an alternative to ll
  • venues/flag now accepts additional problem values: inappropriate, doesnt_exist, event_over
  • Add new optional field to venue responses: The role field is set if the current user has an assigned role for the venue.
  • Categories no longer include their parent categories. Mini venues only contain their primary category. Category images are in the same format as badge images.
  • Real-time APIs released.
  • lists are now documented and users/tips, users/todos, venues/marktodo, tips/marktodo, tips/marktodo, mtips/markdone, tips/unmark are deprecated. Current client version of venue detail requests now returns list items in the todos field.
  • venues/explore now has a novelty parameter.
  • events endpoints added.
8/16/11 8/3/11
  • venues/flag endpoint now accepts duplicated venue ID.
8/1/11 7/21/11 7/19/11
  • Add users/update endpoint.
  • users endpoint no longer returns individual mayorships, based on versioning.
  • Add users/mayorships. We will soon reduce, possibly to 0, the number of sample mayorships included in the users endpoint.
6/15/11 5/25/11
  • specials endpoint allows userless requests.
5/10/11 4/26/11
  • venues/categories endpoint now returns top level categories when specifying version 20110426 or higher
  • venues/search endpoint now has url, providerId, and linkedId params as part of our Venue Map project.
  • Add venues/links endpoint
  • Added several fields to special response: description, icon, title, state, progress, progressDescription, detail, target, friendsHere.
2/21/11 1/17/11 1/11/11 1/4/11
  • Photos and comments data now returned in users/XXX/checkins.
  • Don't require acting user for tips/search.
  • Allow offset and limit for venues/XXX/herenow.
  • Add X-RateLimit-Limit and X-RateLimit-Remaining response headers.
  • Documentation for photos and comments APIs! Provisional.
  • venues/search takes optional intent parameter.
  • API is soft-launched. You're no longer required to keep it secret!
  • Add display=touch parameter to authorize/authenticate pages.
  • Add badges endpoint.
  • Add herenow and venuehistory experimental endpoints.
  • Change all aspect endpoints, e.g. user/XXX/todos or venue/XXX/tips to have the standard count and items format.
  • Do not return "off-the-grid" check-ins for users other than the user who created it. offthegrid is no longer a type, and instead check-ins may have an optional private field.
  • For venueless and shout check-ins, there is no venue member of the checkin. Instead, we introduce a location member that may contain lat, lng, and name.
  • Change notificationType and groupType to just type to be consistent with types elsewhere
  • Improved venue search documentation.
  • Fixed broken user response documentation.
  • Venue search no longer requires specific user authentication, can use client_id and client_secret as params.
  • errorType is now being returned on error.
  • A single failing request in multi does not break the whole batch.
  • Category IDs are now alphanumeric IDs.
  • Change all timestamps to be createdAt, where some were previous called created or timestamp (in checkins, tips, and to-dos).
  • Change location information from geolat and geolong to lat and lng.
  • Change all list objects to contain items (in venue todos and venue search group contents).
  • Add friends, followers, and requests to user detail response.