Returns a list of venues near the current location with the most people currently checked in.




User or userless authentication.


Name Example Description
ll 44.3,37.2 required unless near is provided. Latitude and longitude of the desired location.
near Lower East Side, NY required unless ll is provided. A string naming a place in the world. If the near string is not geocodable, returns a failed_geocode error. Otherwise, searches within the bounds of the geocode and adds a geocode object to the response.
limit 10 Number of results to return, up to 50.
radius 100 Radius in meters, up to approximately 2000 meters.

Response Fields

Field Description
id A unique string identifier for this venue.
name The best known name for this venue.
contact An object containing none, some, or all of twitter, phone, and formattedPhone. All are strings.
location An object containing none, some, or all of address (street address), crossStreet, city, state, postalCode, country, lat, lng, and distance. All fields are strings, except for lat, lng, and distance. Distance is measured in meters. Some venues have their locations intentionally hidden for privacy reasons (such as private residences). If this is the case, the parameter isFuzzed will be set to true, and the lat/lng parameters will have reduced precision.
categories An array, possibly empty, of categories that have been applied to this venue. One of the categories will have a primary field indicating that it is the primary category for the venue. For the complete category tree, see categories.
verified Boolean indicating whether the owner of this business has claimed it and verified the information.
stats Contains checkinsCount (total checkins ever here), usersCount (total users who have ever checked in here), and tipCount (number of tips here).
url URL of the venue’s website, typically provided by the venue manager.
hours Contains the hours during the week that the venue is open along with any named hours segments in a human-readable format. For machine readable hours see venues/hours
menu An object containing url and mobileUrl that display the menu information for this venue.
price An object containing the price tier from 1 (least pricey) - 4 (most pricey) and a message describing the price tier.
rating Numerical rating of the venue (0 through 10). Returned as part of an explore result, excluded in search results. Not all venues will have a rating.
hereNow Information about who is here now. If present, there is always a count, the number of people here. If viewing details and there is a logged-in user, there is also a groups field with friends and others as types.
createdAt Seconds since epoch when the venue was created.
tips Contains the total count of tips and groups with friends and others as groupTypes. Groups may change over time.
beenHere Contains count of the number of times the acting user has been here. Absent if there is no acting user.
shortUrl A short URL for this venue, e.g.
canonicalUrl The canonical URL for this venue, e.g.
likes The count of users who have liked this venue, and groups containing any friends and others who have liked it. The groups included are subject to change.
like Indicates if the current user has liked this venue.
dislike Indicates if the current user has disliked this venue.


  "meta": {
    "code": 200,
    "requestId": "59a05a20f594df1fc392055d"
  "response": {
    "venues": [
        "id": "59985efc6e465076273512cb",
        "name": "Smorg Square",
        "contact": {},
        "location": {
          "address": "Varick & Canal",
          "crossStreet": "b/t Canal St & Grand St",
          "lat": 40.72284,
          "lng": -74.00572,
          "labeledLatLngs": [
              "label": "display",
              "lat": 40.72284,
              "lng": -74.00572
          "postalCode": "10013",
          "cc": "US",
          "city": "New York",
          "state": "NY",
          "country": "United States",
          "formattedAddress": [
            "Varick & Canal (b/t Canal St & Grand St)",
            "New York, NY 10013",
            "United States"
        "categories": [
            "id": "53e0feef498e5aac066fd8a9",
            "name": "Street Food Gathering",
            "pluralName": "Street Food Gatherings",
            "shortName": "Street Food Gathering",
            "icon": {
              "prefix": "",
              "suffix": ".png"
            "primary": true
        "verified": false,
        "stats": {
          "checkinsCount": 98,
          "usersCount": 92,
          "tipCount": 0
        "url": "",
        "allowMenuUrlEdit": true,
        "beenHere": {
          "lastCheckinExpiredAt": 0
        "hereNow": {
          "count": 16,
          "summary": "16 people are here",
          "groups": [
              "type": "others",
              "name": "Other people here",
              "count": 16,
              "items": []
    "geocode": {
      "what": "",
      "where": "lower east side ny",
      "feature": {
        "cc": "US",
        "name": "Lower East Side",
        "displayName": "Lower East Side, NY, United States",
        "matchedName": "Lower East Side, NY, United States",
        "highlightedName": "<b>Lower East Side</b>, <b>NY</b>, United States",
        "woeType": 22,
        "id": "geonameid:5125409",
        "longId": "72057594043053345",
        "geometry": {
          "center": {
            "lat": 40.71594,
            "lng": -73.98681
          "bounds": {
            "ne": {
              "lat": 40.7323150635,
              "lng": -73.9680099487
            "sw": {
              "lat": 40.7053031921,
              "lng": -74.0015945435
      "parents": []