Returns tips for a venue.




User or userless authentication.


Name Type Description
VENUE_ID XXX123YYYY required The venue you want tips for.
sort recent One of friends, recent, or popular.
limit 100 Number of results to return, up to 500.
offset 100 Used to page through results.

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Response Fields

Field Description
id A unique identifier for this tip.
text The actual tip.
createdAt Seconds since epoch when their tip was created.
status Will be todo or absent, depending on the user’s relationship to the tip.
url A URL for more information.
photo If there is a photo for this tip, and the tip is not already contained inside of a photo element, details about the photo.
lang Language that the tip is written in.
user If the context allows tips from multiple users, the user that created this tip.
todo The count of users who have marked this tip todo, and groups containing any friends who have marked it to-do. The groups included are subject to change. (Note that to-dos are only visible to friends!)
likes The count of users who have liked this tip, and groups containing any friends and others who have liked it. The groups included are subject to change.


  "meta": {
    "code": 200,
    "requestId": "59a06444dd579714234d8031"
  "response": {
    "tips": {
      "count": 231,
      "items": [
          "id": "53bc46b7498e355aed38c696",
          "createdAt": 1404847799,
          "text": "A true lower east side spectacle with a retractable rooftop and dance floor in the basement. Come here for the nights you won't remember with the friends you won't forget!",
          "type": "user",
          "canonicalUrl": "",
          "photo": {
            "id": "53bc51e611d24ae8f0b898b4",
            "createdAt": 1404850662,
            "source": {
              "name": "Foursquare Web",
              "url": ""
            "prefix": "",
            "suffix": "/38616203_Diq-n4zrFv7CfIf1SxavodvzN9nk-dnIeZYZeym0aJg.jpg",
            "width": 168,
            "height": 168,
            "visibility": "public"
          "photourl": "",
          "lang": "en",
          "likes": {
            "count": 0,
            "groups": []
          "logView": true,
          "agreeCount": 0,
          "disagreeCount": 0,
          "todo": {
            "count": 0
          "user": {
            "id": "38616203",
            "firstName": "Lower East Sider"
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