Report the selection of a venue as the result of a search, explore, or suggestcompletion request.

Venue selections or ‘pingbacks’ are used exclusively as inputs for training our underlying venue search model; this helps us improve accuracy at the places you and your users care about. No personally identifiable information is collected at any point.




User or userless authentication.


Name Example Description
VENUE_ID 11XXYY222 required The ID of the venue selected.
requestId ac123ef45gh67 required The request ID returned in the search response leading to the venue selection.
type currentLocation required The type of selection the user has made. One of currentLocation, destination, or save.
visitSignature 7e0d0767775312154b required The HMAC hex digest of the message "APP_USER_ID, VENUE_ID, CURRENT_YYYYMMDD". This allows us to distinguish between three selections at a venue by a single user vs. by three distinct users while preserving user privacy.
url URL for the content associated with the selected location.
imageUrl Image associated with the selected location.
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