Allows you to propose a change to a venue. Before editing, please make sure your fields are properly formatted to adhere to our style guide here.

Users with improper edits may see their edits “rolled back” or in some cases face a temporary ban on their account from our Super User community.




User authentication.


Name Example Description
VENUE_ID AVNU234 required The venue id for which an edit is being proposed.
name Cho Dang Gol The name of the venue.
address 1313 Mockingbird Lane The address of the venue.
crossStreet at Fulton St The nearest intersecting street or streets.
city New York The city name where this venue is.
state New York The nearest state or province to the venue.
zip AE1234 The zip or postal code for the venue.
phone 00 01 23 1234 The phone number of the venue.
twitter eathabana The twitter handle of the venue.
description We are a family owned and operated business with our customers’ satisfaction … A freeform description of the venue, up to 300 characters.
url The url of the homepage of the venue.
menuUrl A url where the menu of the venue can be found.
facebookUrl The url for this venue’s Facebook Page.
venuell 44.3,37.2 Latitude and longitude at which the venue should be located.
primaryCategoryId 4bf58dd8d48988d1d4941735 The ID of the category to which you want to assign this venue.
addCategoryIds 4bf58d1d4941735,4bf58dd8d4757494d21 Comma-separated list of new category IDs to be assigned to this venue. If you are adding a new category to a venue and you want to make it primary, you should just use primaryCategoryId.
removeCategoryIds 123,abc Comma-separated list of new category IDs to be removed from this venue.
primaryVenueChainId 5c5b35e08afbe0002d94e8fe Primary chain ID for this venue, if applicable.
addVenueChainIds 5c5b35e08afbe0002d94e8fe Comma-separated list of other applicable chain IDs for this venue (up to two more).
removeVenueChainIds 5c5b35e08afbe0002d94e8fe Comma-separated list of chain IDs to remove for this venue.
hours 6,1700,2200;7,0900,1400,Brunch The hours for the venue, as a semi-colon separated list of open segments and named segments (e.g., brunch or happy hour). Open segments are formatted as day,start,end. Named segments additionally have a label, formatted as day,start,end,label. Days are formatted as integers with Monday = 1,…,Sunday = 7. Start and End are formatted as [+]HHMM format. Use 24 hour format (no colon), prefix with 0 for HH or MM less than 10. Use ‘+’ prefix, i.e., +0230 to represent 2:30 am past midnight into the following day. To indicate that a venue is open 24/7, send this value with the hours attribute: 1,0000,2400;2,0000,2400;3,0000,2400;4,0000,2400;5,0000,2400;6,0000,2400;7,0000,2400.
parentId 4b1d40b5f964a520ae0d24e3 If the venue is a subvenue of a larger venue (such as a coffee shop within a Target), set this attribute to the ID of the parent venue.
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