Allows you to access information about the current events at a place.

At this time we are only able to distribute Music events and limited information about Movie events via this endpoint due to partner restrictions.




User or userless authentication.


Name Example Description
VENUE_ID XXX123YYYY required The venue you want events for.

Response Fields

Field Description  
name A name for this event.  
id A unique string identifier for this event.  
url The primary url for more information about this event.  
foreignIds The count of ids of this event in third-party services, plus items, an array of domain, the third party provider, and id, the id in their system.  
categories An array, possibly empty, of categories that have been applied to this venue. One of the categories will have a primary field indicating that it is the primary category for the venue. For the complete category tree, see categories.  
herenow The count of users currently checked in to the event.  
stats Object containing checkinsCount and usersCount, which indicate the number of check-ins and unique visitors at the event, respectively.  
startAt Time when the event is scheduled to start, in seconds since Unix epoch.  
endAt Time when the event is scheduled to end, in seconds since Unix epoch.
allDay Boolean indicating whether this is an all-day event.  
date Present if the event is all-day. Represents the date of the event (midnight), in seconds since Unix epoch.  

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