Post user generated content from an external app to a check-in. This post will be accessible to anyone who can view the details of the check-in.
Only call this endpoint if the user has chosen to post some information from the application




User authentication.


All parameters are optional, unless otherwise indicated.

Name Example Description
CHECKIN_ID IHR8THISVNU required The ID of the check-in to add a post to.
text Awesome! The text of the post, up to 200 characters.
url Link for more details. This page will be opened in an embedded web view in the foursquare application, unless contentId is specified and a native link handler is registered and present. We support the following URL schemes: http, https, foursquare, mailto, tel, and sms.
contentId 3ER4GN93AFWE Identifier for the post to be used in a native link handler, up to 50 characters. A url must also be specified in the request.

Response Fields

Field Description
post The newly-created post.
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