Credit Card Verification

Why does Foursquare ask for a credit card for Personal Tier verification? Do you charge us if we go over our API usage limits?

The credit card requirement is only to help us verify that you are a person, and not a bot or bad actor. We do not charge your card if you go over the tier’s call limits. If you reach those limits, you’ll receive a 429 error instead.

Can I authenticate my account if I don’t have a credit card?

Unfortunately, if you do not have a valid credit card, we cannot upgrade your account for the Personal Tier of the Places API. You may still use the Sandbox Tier, which allows you to make up to 950 regular calls and 50 premium calls per day.

Why can’t I authenticate my account with my debit card and/or virtual card?

Unfortunately, the mechanism we use to verify accounts requires a valid credit card only. Debit cards or virtual cards are not accepted.

Account Status

Why was my API key disabled?

We reserve the right to terminate access to the Places API if you violate any of our API Terms of Use. If you believe your API key was erroneously disabled, email us at

API Support

Could you elaborate more on venues/explore vs. venues/search?

Both venues/explore and venues/search allow you to find venues in an area, but their methodologies are slightly different. venues/explore is better at answering the question “what are some popular coffee shops in this area?” whereas venues/search is better at “where is the nearest Joe’s Coffee?” or “where am I right now?”. When using venues/search, you should pay attention to what the intent parameter does and what values you should provide in order to get your desired results.

Can I cache data I get back from the API?

We understand that caching Foursquare may increase the speed of your application; however, we ask that you abide by the following rules in our API Terms of Use around retaining Foursquare data:

  • Foursquare data may be kept for a maximum of 24 hours without being refreshed
  • The data of users who haven’t authed your app may only be stored for up to three hours

Can I use Foursquare’s data for my academic research?

Unfortunately, we’re not able to make exceptions to our API Terms of Use for academic research.

API Downtime - Errors/Latency

How do I debug this error?

To learn more about errors, see our errors documentation. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, try looking for an answer to your question on Stack Overflow.

Is the API down right now?

To get real-time status updates on the API, see our public status page. We try to update this page as soon as we know that there is a problem. If you would like to report a possible outage or you are experiencing high latency, email us at!

Production Level Usage

Why should I sign up for a paid plan when your free plans cover my API call volume usage?

Our free tier plans are intended to allow developers to quickly and easily start building their applications without much hassle or risk. If your usage needs fall within our free tier limits, great! But there are many benefits to signing up for a paid API plan once you’re ready for production. Paid plans receive even more rich Foursquare content, dedicated technical support, as well as discounts for higher call volumes. Commercial use of our API requires a paid subscription. Commercial use while on a Sandbox or Personal Tier account will result in termination.

What defines “commercial” use?

We define commercial apps as applications that:

  • Are paid or freemium (including in-app purchases)
  • Require a paid subscription or have in-app ads
  • Are not publicly accessible and available to all users

If any of the above statements are true for your app, you must have a commercial license, which comes with a Start-Up or Enterprise Tier Account.

Sandbox and Personal Tier accounts may not be used for commercial purposes.

I have a pretty big app. Do you have plans that can handle my API usage?

Congrats on building something people are loving! Foursquare enables partners like Samsung, Airbnb, and Uber to deliver rich location data in their apps. If you’re already on a Start-Up plan or know you’ll need more API call volume, let’s chat and we’re happy to discuss an enterprise plan. Enterprise customers also receive even more rich Foursquare content, dedicated technical support, and higher call volume with tiered price discounts.

Venue Updates

How do I get access to claim ownership of multiple venue locations?

If you’d like the ability to claim and manage multiple venue locations on Foursquare, please email us at

I made venue updates through the API, why haven’t my changes shown up yet?

Our database of venues requires additional approval for most community-submitted changes. This helps us protect against vandalism and inaccurate data. Changes made via the API usually appear within a couple days, once our community has had time to review and approve. If your changes are still not showing after one week, please email us at

Billing Issues

Who do I contact if I have billing questions regarding my Start-Up Tier account.

If you are a Start-Up Tier customer and you have questions about billing or other charges you see on your account, please email us at

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