Returns a list of venues near the current location, optionally matching a search term.

If you're looking for "top" venues or recommended venues, use the explore endpoint instead.

Note that most of the fields returned inside a venue can be optional. The user may create a venue that has no address, city or state (the venue is created instead at the lat/long specified). Your client should handle these conditions safely.




User or userless authentication.


Name Example Description
ll 44.3,37.2 required unless near is provided. Latitude and longitude of the user’s location.
near Chicago, IL required unless ll is provided. A string naming a place in the world. If the near string is not geocodable, returns a failed_geocode error. Otherwise, searches within the bounds of the geocode and adds a geocode object to the response.
radius 250 Limit results to venues within this many meters of the specified location. Defaults to a city-wide area. Only valid for requests that use categoryId or query. The maximum supported radius is currently 100,000 meters.
query tacos A search term to be applied against venue names.
limit 10 Number of results to return, up to 50.
categoryId 4bf58dd8d488d11094, 4bf58dd8d1bd941735 A comma separated list of categories to limit results to. If you specify categoryId. Specifying a radius may improve results. If specifying a top-level category, all sub-categories will also match the query.
llAcc 10000.0 Accuracy of latitude and longitude, in meters.
alt 0 Altitude of the user’s location, in meters.
altAcc 10000.0 Accuracy of the user’s altitude, in meters.
url A third-party URL which we will attempt to match against our map of venues to URLs.
providerId nymag Identifier for a known third party that is part of our map of venues to URLs, used in conjunction with linkedId.
linkedId 1002207971611 Identifier used by third party specified in providerId, which we will attempt to match against our map of venues to URLs.

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Response Fields

Field Description
id A unique string identifier for this venue.
name The best known name for this venue.
contact An object containing none, some, or all of twitter, phone, and formattedPhone. All are strings.
location An object containing none, some, or all of address (street address), crossStreet, city, state, postalCode, country, lat, lng, and distance. All fields are strings, except for lat, lng, and distance. Distance is measured in meters. Some venues have their locations intentionally hidden for privacy reasons (such as private residences). If this is the case, the parameter isFuzzed will be set to true, and the lat/lng parameters will have reduced precision.
categories An array, possibly empty, of categories that have been applied to this venue. One of the categories will have a primary field indicating that it is the primary category for the venue. For the complete category tree, see categories.
verified Boolean indicating whether the owner of this business has claimed it and verified the information.
stats Contains checkinsCount (total checkins ever here), usersCount (total users who have ever checked in here), and tipCount (number of tips here).
url URL of the venue's website, typically provided by the venue manager.
menu An object containing url and mobileUrl that display the menu information for this venue.
hereNow Information about who is here now. If present, there is always a count, the number of people here. If viewing details and there is a logged-in user, there is also a groups field with friends and others as types.
venueChains Array indicating any venueChain ID's this venue is a part of.
createdAt Seconds since epoch when the venue was created.
beenHere Contains count of the number of times the acting user has been here. Absent if there is no acting user.
shortUrl A short URL for this venue, e.g.
canonicalUrl The canonical URL for this venue, e.g.
like Indicates if the current user has liked this venue.
dislike Indicates if the current user has disliked this venue.
roles Present if and only if the current user has at least one assigned role for this venue. The value is a list of all of the current user's assigned roles for this venue. Possible values for each element of the list are manager and employee. Subject to change as additional roles may be defined.


  "meta": {
    "code": 200,
    "requestId": "5aa6f9444434b94b540bbbcc"
  "notifications": [
      "type": "notificationTray",
      "item": {
        "unreadCount": 0
  "response": {
    "venues": [
        "id": "4acbe67af964a52044c820e3",
        "name": "Katz's Delicatessen",
        "contact": {
          "phone": "8004468364",
          "formattedPhone": "(800) 446-8364",
          "twitter": "katzsdeli",
          "facebook": "89033874836",
          "facebookUsername": "katzsdeli",
          "facebookName": "Katz's Delicatessen"
        "location": {
          "address": "205 E Houston St",
          "crossStreet": "at Ludlow St",
          "lat": 40.72216120993533,
          "lng": -73.98721255191126,
          "distance": 0,
          "postalCode": "10002",
          "cc": "US",
          "neighborhood": "Lower East Side",
          "city": "New York",
          "state": "NY",
          "country": "United States",
          "contextLine": "Lower East Side",
          "contextGeoId": 7643,
          "formattedAddress": ["205 E Houston St (at Ludlow St)", "New York, NY 10002"]
        "canonicalUrl": "",
        "canonicalPath": "/v/katzs-delicatessen/4acbe67af964a52044c820e3",
        "categories": [
            "id": "4bf58dd8d48988d1c5941735",
            "name": "Sandwich Place",
            "pluralName": "Sandwich Places",
            "shortName": "Sandwiches",
            "icon": {
              "prefix": "",
              "mapPrefix": "",
              "suffix": ".png"
            "primary": true
        "verified": true,
        "stats": {
          "tipCount": 1223,
          "usersCount": 50653,
          "checkinsCount": 67782
        "url": "",
        "hasMenu": true,
        "menu": {
          "type": "Menu",
          "label": "Menu",
          "anchor": "View Menu",
          "url": "",
          "mobileUrl": "",
          "canonicalPath": "/v/katzs-delicatessen/4acbe67af964a52044c820e3/menu"
        "allowMenuUrlEdit": true,
        "beenHere": {
          "lastCheckinExpiredAt": 0
        "venuePage": {
          "id": "36639778"
        "hereNow": {
          "count": 1,
          "summary": "One other person is here",
          "groups": [
              "type": "others",
              "name": "Other people here",
              "count": 1,
              "items": []
        "venueChains": []