User Details


Returns profile information for a given user, including selected mayorships. The web profile for a user is visible at

If the user is a friend, contact information, Facebook ID, and Twitter handle and the user's last checkin may also be present.

In addition, the pings field will indicate whether check-ins from this user will trigger a ping (notifications to mobile devices). This setting can be changed via setpings. Note that this setting is overriden if pings is false in settings (no pings will be sent, even if this user is set to true).




This endpoint requires user authentication.

Supported Description
User required A valid OAuth access token in the query string of each request. Eg. &oauth_token=XXXX

For more information about this authentication method and how to obtain an access token, see the Authentication docs.


Name Example Description
USER_ID 123456 ID of the user to get details for. Pass self to get details of the acting user.

Response Fields

Field Description
id A unique identifier for this user.
firstName A user's first name.
lastName A user's last initial.
photo Contains prefix and suffix, similar to the format for photo. Accepted sizes are 36x36, 100x100, 300x300, and 500x500.
relationship The relationship of the acting user (me) to this user (them). One of self, friend, pendingMe (user has sent a friend request that acting user has not accepted), pendingThem (acting user has sent a friend request to the user but they have not accepted), or followingThem (acting user is following a celebrity or page). If there is no relationship or pending request between the two users, the node is absent. If the acting user is a celebrity, does not indicate whether the user is following them. If pendingMe, applications will want to the acting user to an approve/ignore action. If pendingThem, applications will want to show the acting user a "pending" message.
type Present for non-standard user types. One of page, chain, celebrity, or venuePage. Pages are brand pages, such as Bravo, chains are pages that own a set of venues, like Starbucks, celebrities are users that other users can follow, like Mario Batali, and venuePages represent single venues creating content, such as My ArenA creating updates. venuePage's do not really have a user profile, show the veue page instead.
venue For venuePage users, this field just contains an id for the relevant venue.
bio A short bio for the user.
tips If present, contains count and an array of selected tips as items, which may or may not be empty.
lists If this user has lists, groups contains created for lists created by this user. In full form, lists also contains a count of the lists created and followed by this user. Full set of items at users/USER_ID/lists
followers If this user can have followers (i.e. it's a celebrity, venue, or page), contains count of followers for this user in compact, and, in detail, groups of users who follow this user, split into friends and others.
following groups of pages this user has followed.
mayorships Contains the count of mayorships for this user and an items array that for now is empty. Use users/USER_ID/mayorships to get actual mayorships.
photos Contains the count of photos this user has. May contain an array of selected photos as items, full set of items at users/USER_ID/photos, but only visible to self.
scores Contains recent, max, checkinsCount, and goal for showing user's current game status.
checkins Contains the count of checkins by this user. May contain the most recent checkin as an array items containing a single element, if the user is a friend. Users can fetch users/USER_ID/checkins for their own complete history.
pings Whether we receive pings from this user, if we have a relationship.
requests Contains count of pending friend requests for this user.