Checkin Details


Get details of a check-in.




This endpoint requires user authentication.

Supported Description
User required A valid OAuth access token in the query string of each request. Eg. &oauth_token=XXXX

For more information about this authentication method and how to obtain an access token, see the Authentication docs.


Name Example Description
CHECKIN_ID 11XXYY22 required The ID of the check-in to retrieve information for.

Response Fields

Field Description
id A unique identifier for this checkin.
type One of checkin, shout, or venueless.
timeZoneOffset The offset in minutes between when this check-in occurred and the same time in UTC. For example, a check-in that happened at -0500 UTC will have a timeZoneOffset of -300.
createdAt Seconds since epoch when this checkin was created.
private If present, it indicates the checkin was marked as private and not sent to friends. It is only being returned because the owner of the checkin is viewing this data.
shout Message from check-in, if present and visible to the acting user.
user User who made this check-in.
venue Venue of this check-in.
location If the type of this checkin is shout or venueless, this field may be present and may contains a lat, lng pair and/or a name, providing unstructured information about the user's current location.
source If present, the name and url for the application that created this checkin.
event If the user checked into an event, this field will be present, containing the id and name of the event
photos count and items for photos on this checkin. All items may not be present.
comments count and items for comments on this checkin. All items may not be present.
likes The count of users who have liked this checkin, and groups containing any friends and others who have liked it. The groups included are subject to change.
overlaps count and items of checkins from friends checked into the same venue around the same time.
score total and scores for this checkin