Integration Details

  1. Make sure the Pilgrim SDK is properly setup.
  2. Make sure that you've set a user specific ID by using the setUserId method of PilgrimUserInfo in the Pilgrim SDK.
  3. Make sure that you've set an airshipId property on the PilgrimUserInfo object with the user's Airship Channel ID.
    iOS: let channelID =
    Android: String channelId = UAirship.shared().getChannel().getId();

  4. From your Foursquare Pilgrim Console, Enable Third Party Integrations .
  5. Fill in your Airship account's App Key and Access Token in your app's Foursquare Pilgrim Console.

    Note: Make sure these are the same Airship credentials you've supplied in your mobile app. For more information on how to create these credentials, see Airships's documentation.

  6. Select the specific visit and geofence fields you wish to send to Airship.
  7. Once done in the Airship modal, be sure to save your changes. Once saved, the Pilgrim SDK will automatically track location events and forward them to Airship.

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