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Places API


Get access to global POI data and rich content from over 100K trusted sources and driven by millions of consumers. Connect to our API to search, discover and rank venues and get real-time data access.

Pilgrim SDK


Embed foreground and background location awareness into your iOS and Android app. Engage users with contextual content in real-time.


Unfolded SDK


Automate management of geospatial data and access powerful and pipelining services. Work interactively with Unfolded maps in Python Notebooks or use Javascript to build production-quality geospatial web applications on top of Unfolded maps. 


Key feature:

Get Autocomplete Results

Returns a list of top places, addresses, and/or searches partially matching the provided keyword and location inputs. Perfect for online shopping, delivery services, ride-sharing, discovering neighborhood places, or any kid of mapping and navigation functions


   Easy Implementation 

We make it easy to get started and test before committing to code. Experiment with calls and refine the results right in your browser. 


Here are just a few of the ways

we are using Places API


Places helps Yahoo! Japan keep consumers informed during COVID-19


"When it came to keeping our users healthy, safe, and informed, Foursquare's Places data was an incredibly valuable tool. The breadth of POIs and data points included helped us to increase our popular hour graph coverage and meet our users' needs to avoid crowded places," said Masaki Mizutani, Manager of Yahoo! JAPAN map app.  


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